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Welcome to our beautiful boat Vesper. We have owned Vesper for approximately 3 years.


The Full Story

Within this time, we have enjoyed many a trip to different places, two of which we enjoyed most were getting all the way to Falmouth and the beautiful Channel Islands. This was something we wanted to achieve for quite some time, and we knew Vesper had the capability to get us there. We are ‘all weather’ boaters and providing conditions are safe enough to do so we will usually be out on the water. Over the years in our ownership, Vesper has travelled most of the South coast from the Thames estuary to Falmouth and across the English Channel. 

Owning a boat isn’t something we have always had the pleasure of doing. We started with jet skis and enjoyed many weekends dragging our children around the lakes on inflatable sofas. We then purchased a 24-foot Sealine. This was a great way to

introduce our family to the ocean alongside the lakes. We began to spend most of our time in the Solent, and decided to updrade to a 33 foot Fairline Targa. Then came our beloved Vesper.


Being a multiskilled engineer & marine engineer I have always carried out the maintenance on Vesper myself. We decided to expand the engineering into the marine sector and now I get to work on many other boats. For me, I wanted to continue to progress and over the years and gained more qualifications:  PWC, PBL2, Radio licence, Medical certificate, First aid, Sea survival and of course a Commercially endorsed skipper licence. We then decided to charter Vesper, Keena is the crew and hostess aboard Vesper, and together we do our upmost to meet the needs and requests of our guests in the hope they will enjoy Vesper as much as we do. 

  • Will lifejackets be provided and are these mandatory?
    Lifejackets are provided, these are not mandatory but each guest will be fitted with a lifejacket once on board, children may be requested to wear a buoyancy aid (these will be provided).
  • Are guests allowed to swim from the boat?
    Swimming from the boat while at anchor is permitted at the discretion of the skipper. Tide, wind, and sea conditions could prevent this activity.
  • Is smoking allowed on board?
    Smoking/Vaping is not permitted in the cabin or cockpit area (the skipper will direct you to a suitable area). Smoking/vaping not in the assigned area will result in a charge of £400, in addition possible repair charges to upholstery and soft furnishings.
  • What if a guest has mobility issues?
    We ask guests to be mindful of potential access regarding boarding the vessel to those who experience mobility issues. Please make us aware prior to your charter any potential concerns you may have, we will do our best to facilitate a charter to suit.
  • Are pets allowed on board?
    Pets are not permitted on board due the material of the decking - this is not pet friendly.
  • Could a charter be postponed due to weather?
    It is at the discretion of the skipper to determine whether a charter is safe to go ahead should adverse weather be forecast prior to a charter. We do our best to run the charter , but safety and the guests enjoyment of the charter is priority. We will always do our best to look at other options to honour the booking.
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